Applied Behavior Analysis

Maple Seed Farms provides intensive, individualized Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). We provide direct therapy services to individuals ages birth through adulthood diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

ABA therapy is founded on evidenced based research. Prior to starting therapy, we will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s skills and deficits. After the evaluation, a written report, including formal recommendations, is provided. Our Behavior Analysts then work with you to create an individualized treatment plan focusing on all areas of development including behavior, language, social skills, cognition, and self-help. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will oversee your child’s progress along with a team of therapists.

We consider parents a vital part of their child’s therapy team. Our goal is to help you become familiar with your child’s programs so that you may carry over and implement those lessons in your everyday life. 



Communication & Social Skills: Maple Seed Farms utilizes Verbal Behavior Therapy to develop language and acquisition of social skills. Verbal Behavior Therapy is a form of Applied Behavior Analysis, that is based on B.F. Skinner's analysis of language. Verbal Behavior Therapy is a functional language approach that uses motivation to guide the development of language and social skills. Social skills training increases social awareness and development of social skills that are needed to make and maintain friendships and social relationships with others. Social skills are targeted 1:1 in a group setting with peers. We offer teen groups to assist with social skill development that is needed to be successful at school, community and future workplace environment. 

Early Intervention: Maple Seed Farms provide Early Intervention Services. We teach language, social and play skills to help your child gain age and developmentally appropriate language skills while reducing problem behavior. Our early intervention services are individualized and skills are taught in one-to-one and small group settings. We teach skills using Discrete Trial Training (DTT) and Natural Environment Teaching (NET) to facilitate generalization of acquired skills to the natural setting.



Independent Living Skills: MSF also specializes in independent and daily living skills. This gives individuals the ability to care for themselves at home, school, work, in the community and in other settings. We believe in the importance of teaching independent living skills to children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) since these skills give them greater control over their lives and offer more choices for the future. These skills are key in developing a self-determined individual who can identify goals and systematically work toward them. Teaching independent living skills also relieves some of the time and cost burden for families with a child or adult on the autism spectrum.

Problem Behavior Reduction: Problem behaviors remain one of the most troublesome factors affecting the development and health of people with autism. Unfortunately, many outsiders who see problem behaviors in children, teens or adults with autism do not realize the behaviors stem from cognitive difficulties. However, behavioral therapists have managed to help people regain control over problem behaviors through applied behavior analysis (ABA) and parent training. Any behavior that inhibits a person’s ability to control his or her action is a problem behavior. It is important to understand problem behaviors are not necessarily intentional. They result from changes in the brain’s function in those with ASDs.


Please contact us to inquire about our ABA services, how we can assist your family, or to fill out an enrollment form.